Monday, August 19, 2019

An amazing Stratomatic world series.

Hello! I know it's been way, way too long since I last posted. Around a month ago to be exact. However, right now I am a couple posts behind, which I think will motivate me. For now though , I can't see the pictures in my baseball card photo files, just the name of the file, which is generally something like "24", or something like that, so I'll have to catch up sometime soon.

      So for today I'm going to tell about a Stratomatic best-of-7 World Series that I did a while ago. It was very close, and I think the best best-of-7 series I've had in my 1 and a half years of Stratomatic.

  It was the 1909 Tigers against the 1909 Pirates. The Pirates were home 1st, and won the 1st 2 games.   Both games  went into extra innings , the Pirates walking off in the bottom of the 10th both times. The pirates also won their 3rd game at home 2-1. Though the Pirates had won all three games, they were all decided by one run.
      A day off, and  the series was now in Detroit. Now, if my memory serves me correctly, only one time in baseball playoff history has a team come back from 3 games to none and win the series. Those were the odds that the Tigers faced. However, they then proceeded to win the next three, forcing a game seven.

          In Pittsburgh for the 7th game, after a day off, the crowd overflowed the seats, so they roped off a  bit of the outfield for standing room ( OK, so that's just my imagination, but that would actually happen back then). If the Tigers won, they would have done the virtually unimaginable by coming back from 3 games to none. I think it's interesting to note that, so far in the series, the home team had never lost. Finally the game started. It was a nail biter. The score was tied 1-1 for 12 innings, when something happened.
      So far I've tried to pretend that this was an actual World Series, but I'll have to say what happened with me in Stratomatic now. The Pirates catcher, George Gibson was injured in the 6th inning, and so I absentmindedly replaced him with the Tigers back up  catcher Boss Schmidt, when I should have replaced him with the Pirate's Mike Simon. I played with Boss Schmidt until the 12th inning, when Boss hit a walk-off single with 2 outs. Or so I thought. As I looked at the card, I finally noticed that it was the wrong card.
        The 1-4 I rolled which had been a single on Boss' card, when replaced by with the right card, turned into an out. As their had been 2 outs, the game went on.

     And then in the 15th the Pirate's Fred Clarke hit a 3-run homer to win the series.
  I think it was a little like one of those old Greek stories where a person is told something by a fortune teller, and even though they try their hardest, it happens. I guess it might have been cooler if the Tigers won it, but it was amazing enough as it was.

   Though I might have been a little incoherent at times, I really tried to write this well. Anyway, thanks for reading!


Friday, July 19, 2019

Random cool cards.

Today I don't have much a plan for a post, but I want to show some cards that I think are cool. I might make this into a  regular theme, but I'm not sure. Introduction aside, here are the cards:
This is just a wonderfully wacky back. I don't think I have to explain it too much. Why can't we have more backs like this?
On the front this just looks like a regular card. A nice picture, but nothing too out of the ordinary. But on the back:
Another beautifully bizarre back, exhibit B in the case for returning to pictures on baseball card backs. Though if we did it might just be like the pictures on the back of 1991 Fleer.
Now this is a nice picture. He's signing autographs, his glove is on his head, there's a disembodied hand, and there's even a policeman lurking in the background. Need I say more?
On the front 1995 Topps Stadium Club is just a regular set. Straight laced and respectable. But when you turn it over:
The back is shockingly psychedelic . Just nuts. Now lets compare it to 1995 Fleer, an infamous set also released in 1995:
( Sorry for the picture. I didn't bring all my cards on vacation so I can't do it again)
Very similar. Neither of these monstrosities would have been made in any other time.
After all that craziness, I think I'll close this out with something more regular:
Actually for a long time I thought it was some sort of crazy painting around Dustin Hermanson, before I finally realized that he was standing in the a cornfield. Though that's still pretty weird.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

More nickel box adventures: Part 2

( I started writing this post last Tuesday,but didn't do much.Then we left on vacation, and I haven't had much time on the computer since.)

I was on cloud nine going through that nickel box last month. There was a pretty much endless assortment of awesome cards, like the above TCS Ty Cobb.
This definitely was a surprise. It is probably the heaviest card I own, and when I drop it, it clangs. They don't call it Leaf Steel for nothing.
I'm kinda hoping that Bartolo Colon get's back in pro ball. Baseball should always have a couple  45  year old pitchers surviving on pure guile.
The only reason I get DK is because of the player selections. I don't exactly have a large amount of Tony Lazzeri's.

On April 13. 2009, Nick Swisher came in relief in a blow out loss, pitching 1 shutout inning, with 1 hit, 1 walk, and 1 strikeout. I think there should be more cards of position players pitching. One reason is that it's easy to trace the games, which is nice, but it's also just cool.
I also got about 4-500 Conlon cards for just $2 from the guy with the nickle box. At 1st I didn't really realize how good the deal was, but it was great. There were a lot of duplicates though.
Pretty nice.
I collect Randy Johnson, so this is a nice early card of him.
I also collect Chris Sale. I hope he gets back into form this year, because I at least want him to do well, if not the Red Sox. He's a great pitcher.
I got a couple of these Investor's Journal cards a while back, but I still they're  very odd. 
I got the Ty Cobb from this set a while ago, and this is a welcome addition.
I'm always happy to get Ichiro cards, and these 2 are nice. The photo for the Bowman is better, but I like the Leaf design more, so it kind of evens out.
This was nice to get. The SABR baseball card blog recently had a post about this set, which was for a game, if I remember correctly.
And for the last card of today, this unique Orel Hershiser.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The generosity of a LCS owner.

 On Saturday me and  my dad went to the local card shop to get a box for my baseball cards, because I have a decent amount of cards( e.g 1,000 +) that have no real place to go.However, my Dad forgot his wallet, and we couldn't go again till today.The card shop is a good one. It has pretty decent prices and nice people. The original owner was super nice, but sold the shop a couple years ago. However, the new owners are nice too, a fact which is illustrated in this post.

 Me and my Dad browsed a while, but it was finally time to go. However, as we were leaving, one of the people, who I'm pretty sure is a co-owner, told me to come over to where he was. And then he gave me a 1933 Goudey Dick Coffman card, a pitcher for 15 MLB seasons!
Pretty amazing. It really was pretty great, just giving me a '33 Goudey like that. I think we had been talking about '33 Goudey, if I remember correctly. Just extremely generous. That was my 5th card from 1933 Goudey, and my 7th Goudey. I'm very grateful, and this definitely makes me like the new owners more.
           Thanks for reading, folks! Have a nice night!


Monday, June 17, 2019

More Nickel Box Adventures.

The last time I went to a card show it was cold and rainy. My baseball team lost twice and I went hitless. Going to the card show saved my day. However, last Saturday when I went to the card show it was a beautiful day, and my team won, plus I pitched well. Going to a card show was really just a bonus. But what a bonus.

   At every card show  I go to I start out by  walking  through the card show, starting on the left. However, as I walked through I couldn't find any dime boxes. I found a quarter box, but those eat up a budget like mine in what seems to be the blink of the eye. I was starting to get pretty worried when I finally found the guy I got all the nickel cards from last time. He was right by the entrance, but he was just a little to the right so I missed him. And like last time, he had a high-quality nickel box. 

             His selection actually turned out to be better than last time, which is saying a lot. I had an immense amount of fun just looking through the cards. I could have gone to an amusement park, and I would have spent more, had less fun, and would have come back with nothing.
But going to a card show I came back with 400+ cards, including one's like this. 1995 Fleer is pretty surreal, and this insert set was no exception. 
This was another great card. I wasn't going to include it in this post until I noticed  the TV by his leg, which just sealed the deal.
I think it's pretty weird that all the cards I have from the current incarnation of TSC are from this guy's nickel box. I haven't been able to form much of an impression from my 4 cards, but the design is clean and the photography is apparently very good.
I'm always glad to pick up Altuve's cards for mere pocket change, plus I'm happy to get TSC cards for pocket change. Getting both at the same time is nothing short of great.
Another set I'm always glad to get cards of is Ted Williams Company. I was especially glad to get the Dotty Kamenshek card.  It was my first card of a AAGPL player. She apparently was a 2 time batting champion.The Going North cards are also very cool, featuring stuff like Bob Gibson as a minor leaguer.
I think UD Masterpieces is a flat-out beautiful set. The design is nice, and the look of the cards is nice, and the feel of the cards is nice too. There are barely any sets like that, excepting older sets that are generally out of my price range. 
I was also glad to see that there were a decent amount of Diamond Kings. The design isn't anything, and I'm not a big fan of the way the pictures look, with the arty look, but I always like the player selection. You don't get a lot of cards of Harry "The Cat" Breechen, nor do you get many cards of Harry " The Hat" Walker.   

Turns out, I got a pretty decent amount of these. I really like the old catchers gear like
in the Gabby Hartnett card.
Getting cards of Jim Thorpe and Grover Alexander is always a treat. That card of Jim Thorpe was my 1st of him, it turns out.
I got 2 2019 Topps cards in the nickel box. They were my 1st this year. Getting 12 cards for $2 didn't making sense any more, and when they hiked up the price it made even less sense. I mean, why should I pay about 20 cents a card, when I can get them for 5 cents by just waiting a little? Anyway, 2019 Topps looks nice and I hope to get more on the cheap. I'm glad that they're returning too full career statistics. It was really annoying when they only had 5 seasons.
These 2 were 10 cents combined, an amazing deal considering Aaron Nola's monster 2018 season, plus Alex Verdugo is doing well. This guy's nickel box surprises me every time. Where else would you find cards like this for pocket change?
This is a nice shiny card. There was another one from this set, but sadly I didn't get it. Now I regret that. These are just really cool.
This was my 1st card from this set. I think it's really cool how they show the per season averages on the back. I've never seen that on a baseball card before. 
At 1st when I picked this up I put it back again, but I decided to get it. It's a pretty interesting photo, Yunel pointing right at the photographer.

I think this is from the Ken Burns documentary set. Whatever it is, it's my 1st of it. It's pretty nice, and I generally love Upper Deck, this being no exception.
You don't see the P-Coach designation much, so this was nice. Did you know that excepting his last 3 years Whitey Ford was 216-84? This has no connection, but a lot of times when I look at Whitey's 1954 Bowman card,  I call him Eddie Ford, because it lists him as Edward Ford, and I know that's not quite right but I forget his name.
I ended up getting a ton of cards at that card show, so I think I'll split this up into a couple of posts.

Thanks for reading, especially because I don't post much.

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Yankees are still alive ( and well)!

Right now the Yankees are currently in the lead in the AL East, which is what you probably expected for this year, even if you didn't like the fact. However, the Yankees are probably a very different team from what you imagined. They currently have 15 players on the DL (Ok, it's the "IL", but whatever). And it's not like the injured Yankees are dispensable players. Aaron Judge isn't expected back until June. Miguel Andujar will probably not play again this year. Didi Greogorius probably will not return until the middle of June. Giancarlo Stanton has no date for return. They also have such players as Dellin Betances, James Paxton, C.C Sabathia, Luis Severino, and Troy Tulowitzki. So how have they done it?

 They've been helped by playing 12 games against the Orioles, which helps, but still doesn't explain the Yankees 34-18 record. The fact is that the Yankees just have a very deep lineup. D.J LeMahieu, who the Yankees signed as a free agent to replace Didi, has hit .317 so far this year. Gio Urshela, who was purchased form the Blue Jays in 2018, had never hit above .233 before this year, but is currently hitting .336! They have also gotten help from call-ups from the minors, like Thairo Estrada, a utility, who since being called up has hit .318 with 3 Homeruns. Clint Frazier has hit .275 with 9 Homeruns after missing a decent amount of 2018 from a concussion.Domingo German after 2 years of struggling is the Yankee's ace.

Somewhere I have an article from 2017 or 2018 talking about how the  Yankees are aren't as much of an Evil Empire now. It had an example of a guy who was actually finding it hard to root against the Yankees ( except when they were playing his team). I'm not sure how y'all agree with that though. I bet  what Y'all probably are thinking is "Man! the Yankees have all these injuries and are still winning?! Ugh."

 But I'm a Yankees fan and so I'm happy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Finding a new LCS.

On Monday, I was on the way home when I noticed a card shop. I saw it just in time to ask my Mom if we could stop by. She said yes, and so we went in. At first it wasn't a very encouraging sight. There was a wall with a lot of boxes that said " 25 cents for commons, 50 cents for Chrome". "Commons" referred to base cards, not average players, which was good, but it still wasn't very interesting. I picked one card from 1993 Ted Williams, just because I thought I'd at least get one card. I was nearing the cash register when I noticed a box of vintage. It was mostly fairly priced, but  not really what I wanted to pay. At least until I started noticing some quite affordable low grade stuff. The card on the top of the page was just 40 cents! Granted, the back wasn't very good, but that's still a great deal in my book. I ended up getting 6 1959 Topps cards, and 12 various 70's cards.
This was the most expensive card I got at 80 cents. In 1961 Stu was blown off the mound at Candlestick Park in the All-Star Game, which was reason enough for getting this card.
Really, I just love getting low grade vintage. I mean, for example, a better centered copy of the Stu Miller card above was available for $3.20, or 4 times what I paid for my copy. The better centered copy probably wasn't priced as well anyway, but you get the idea. It's a lot more budget friendly for a kid ( me) to get off conditioned cards. And the dark spot in the top right corner isn't a shadow. It's a stain, the reason why I got the this for 40 cents.
I thought that this was a pretty nice pickup for 60 cents.He was  a Yankee, and he was also what "
the sportscasters like to refer to as a fireballing right-hander, a real flamethrower, an aspareen chucker." ( points if you know what that was from). He also had some nice glasses.
Narleski's card was also 60 cents, and he was also mentioned in the same book. "Narleski with his sly little-boy grin and the darting, fishy eyes of the small time criminal handles the customer relations," 1959 turned out to be his last year in the majors, as his ERA soared to the upper 5.00s.
 This very card was in fact featured in the book.
Most of y'all should probably know which book I'm talking by now. This card was also the 1st card I've gotten where the player had amassed 700 or more at bats in a minor league season.
There were also some late 70's cards that were mostly about 10 cents. I'm a fan of 1976, and so I was glad to pick up these for such a price. The John Hiller was actually a quarter, but it was worth it.
My visit to the card shop was also notable in that I got my 1st 1975 Topps Mini for 60 cents.
Overall, it was a nice haul. I'll probably be going back pretty soon, if my Mom allows it ( imagine your son having 10,000 baseball cards and not always putting them back after looking at them).
A quick note on posting: I often don't post because I haven't really got anything interesting. On the other hand, sometimes it's just negligence.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.