Sunday, September 1, 2019

A catch up post / I'm going to a card show tomorrow!

This is really a catch-up post. And if you've been reading this blog, you know I have a lot to catch up on as I posted a grand total of 5 times over the past 3 three months. I have a couple of different things to talk about, so i'll start with what I think is most interesting:

 1.        As the post title states, I am going to a card show tomorrow. My Mom is probably going to take me, which is pretty cool because she's never been to a card show with me before. I'm hoping to get my 1st 2019 topps base cards at the show as I don't have any yet and it looks nice . I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!!!

2. As you might remember, I was going to go to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony this summer. Well, I did, and I had a pretty nice time too. It was great seeing Mariano Rivera being inducted as he's my favorite player, and my Dad had a nice time seeing Mike Mussina getting inducted too ( Mussina being my Dad's favorite pitcher.) I also got some cards at a card shop. I didn't spend that much, the highlight being a 1955 Topps Jim Gilliam, which was my 1st card from that set.
3.  This one is really an apology: I never finished my series of posts about my last card show. I'm rather ashamed about that, especially as there were some good cards which I still hadn't shown. Sorry guys.

4. A goal: I want to post at least once a week until the end of the year, and I'll try to do two.

Anyway,  thanks for reading, and wish me luck at the card show tomorrow.

P.S: I just noticed that this was my 50th post! It's taken a while to get there, but I'm glad anyway.

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  1. Congratulations on #50! Hope you found some good stuff at the show yesterday.