Friday, December 13, 2019

Black Friday shipment #1

Last Saturday I was very disappointed because I had to miss a card show for a practice speech tournament. The tournament wasn't too bad, but going to a card show is one of my favorite things in the world.

However, the disappointment was lightened by my 1st Comc shipment of cards! It was great going through the cards! I mostly got Topps cards from 1954-1960, but I also got three relatively big cards for me. I'll start off by showing what is now the oldest card in my collection, one of the three "big" cards I got:

I got this 1887 Sweet Caporal card for less than $5! It doesn't really fit in with anything I collect, but it was really cheap, really old, and the background is very interesting. ( I'll show the other two cards at the end)

I really like the towels behind Dusty Rhodes, and I like 1957 Topps. I remember way back when when I didn't like 1957 Topps because it was too boring, but I've come to appreciate it.
I like how it was the 1st set ever with the now standard card size, and, as a baseball statistics nerd, I really, really like how it was also the 1st set ever with complete career statistics!
Another set I like is 1960 Topps. It's nice and colorful, and I think the font is very interesting, as it is in different colors and the letters aren't in a perfectly straight line.
I've always been interested in Eddie Yost, which is kind of funny because I basically never walk in little league. This is my 2nd card of him, and my 1st of him as a Tiger. In 1960 he hit .260, and lead the league in walks with 125, but just spent 2 more years in the big leagues, hitting .215.
Fun fact for the day: Johnny Antonelli was elected to both All Star games in 1959 ( they had two for a couple years back then), getting the win for the 1st one.
I think somebody drew glasses on my 1954 Bowman Tom Gorman, and it has a lot of creases, but I thought it was a good deal at $1.06.
The condition notes for the Mike Garcia card said it was trimmed, but I got it anyway. It's pretty noticeable by a regular '54 Bowman card.
1956 was Johnny Kuck's big year, as he won 18 games, but he never won more than 8 games in the majors outside of that year. He finished his major league career with a 54-56 record.
I really like the yellow background on this 1954 Topps Roy Sievers. And here are two "big" cards, which I've probably been overhyping:
Play ball! I really like Play ball in all of it's 3 years, so these were nice. It looks like somebody carved some random things on the surface of this card, but it's in good condition otherwise, and it was around $5.
The other card was a 1940 Play Ball card of "Buddy" Hassett. I'd never heard of him before I got his card,  but he hit .292 over 7 years before the war stopped his career, including playing the 1942 season with the Yankees. As a bonus, it's my 1st Boston Bee card, because that's what the Braves were called back then.

I still have one more Comc shipment ( explained in my last post), so hopefully you'll be reading about it soon.


  1. this is good news to see for me, so glad your cards made it. the tracking on my Black Friday shipment is downright comical right now.

    that background on the Sweet Caporal is interesting - looks straight outta Adobe Illustrator v1.19, almost 100 years later.

  2. That 1887 Sweet Caporal card is awesome! 132 years old and counting.

  3. You've been getting some great vintage stuff! And I agree with the first commenter -- that 1887 Sweet Caporal card does look strangely modern.