Sunday, December 1, 2019

Black friday #2: A learning experience.

Last year's Black Friday was my 1st time getting baseball cards on Comc, and I'd like to be able to write that after that seasoning I fully took advantage of Black friday this year. Except I didn't. I got a very good haul, including the two cards above, but I also made various errors which  didn't help:

On Friday I didn't know that cards are cheaper when your logged into your account, so I spent significantly more than I needed to. I had planned to just buy all the cards on Friday, but because I didn't get as many cards as I thought I would, I didn't feel quite satisfied, so on Saturday I was looking on Comc when I realized that the prices were a lot lower than on Friday.

After a little experimenting, I realized that it was because I was logged in to my Comc account, while I wasn't on Black Friday. Thankfully, my Dad offered to pay for shipping if I got another order on Saturday, so I was set to get some more cards. And it worked very well except that I unfortunately forgot about getting Bowman cards, which was definitely too bad. But I still got very good deals. A good illustration for how different the prices were was the 1956 topps Roy Sievers, which I got on both Friday and Saturday. The copy I bought on Friday was $1.05, while the one I got on Saturday was 61 cents. That isn't quite a very comparison because the one I got on Friday was in better shape, but certainly not that much better. Here's the two copies side by side, the one I got on Friday being on the top:

Even though I spent more than I had to on Friday, and forgot about getting Bowman cards on Saturday, I still made out very while, and I'm looking forward for the cards to arrive. Hopefully I'll put it all together next Black Friday.


  1. I'm the opposite as you... as I'm looking to cut back on my COMC spending and hope to avoid next year's Black Friday altogether. That being said... I did spend $100 on Friday to qualify for free shipping and ended up grabbing a lot of stuff for fellow bloggers.

  2. I think COMC is a learning experience for a lot of collectors, I'm still making mistakes there myself after five years of using the site. In the first batch of cards I consigned I priced everything out at the same time and ended up listing a $25 card for 50 cents. Naturally it sold immediately and I got hosed.

    I'd say you did well with those vintage cards, and I look forward to seeing the rest of your vintage haul. Are there any more '56 Topps singles on their way to you?

    1. Yes, there are some more. I really like 1956 topps so I was glad to get the opportunity to add some more at low prices.