Thursday, July 2, 2020

Exhibiting some exhibit cards

A few weeks ago it suddenly dawned upon me that baseball exhibit cards are very affordable. To give a little background in case you don't know about them, exhibit cards were released in several different series from the 1920s to the 1960s. The most common one was released from 1947-66. I already exhibited the Bob Feller I got from the 1939-46 series on this blog back in March.

As I was saying, it dawned upon me how cheap they were, and I decided to get a couple off Ebay. I picked two hall-of-famers, both who were about $5. Now, I understand why they're so inexpensive. They're black and white, they're oversized, and they were produced over multiple years, so they're not too hard to find. However, I think they're still good buys. Without further ado, the cards:
This was my first card of Bobby Doerr released in his playing career, so that was pretty cool. I wanted one, and this was his cheapest.

Though this isn't my only playing career card of "The Scooter", it's not like I have many. As you can see, the condition of either of these isn't great; there are pin marks on the top of both, and other stuff. The dark spot by Rizzuto is some sort of stain, but I don't mind it too much as it's not on Rizzuto himself. Overall, I think the condition on these is acceptable, and they didn't blow out my budget. However, I think next  time I'll buy some more colorful cards.

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  1. Very cool. I've seen these on blogs before, but don't think I've ever actually owned one. How were these distributed? Sold at ballparks in packs? Given away as promotional pieces?

    1. They were distributed in vending machines for a penny.

    2. Wow. If we could go back in time with a pocket full of pennies.