Monday, May 27, 2019

The Yankees are still alive ( and well)!

Right now the Yankees are currently in the lead in the AL East, which is what you probably expected for this year, even if you didn't like the fact. However, the Yankees are probably a very different team from what you imagined. They currently have 15 players on the DL (Ok, it's the "IL", but whatever). And it's not like the injured Yankees are dispensable players. Aaron Judge isn't expected back until June. Miguel Andujar will probably not play again this year. Didi Greogorius probably will not return until the middle of June. Giancarlo Stanton has no date for return. They also have such players as Dellin Betances, James Paxton, C.C Sabathia, Luis Severino, and Troy Tulowitzki. So how have they done it?

 They've been helped by playing 12 games against the Orioles, which helps, but still doesn't explain the Yankees 34-18 record. The fact is that the Yankees just have a very deep lineup. D.J LeMahieu, who the Yankees signed as a free agent to replace Didi, has hit .317 so far this year. Gio Urshela, who was purchased form the Blue Jays in 2018, had never hit above .233 before this year, but is currently hitting .336! They have also gotten help from call-ups from the minors, like Thairo Estrada, a utility, who since being called up has hit .318 with 3 Homeruns. Clint Frazier has hit .275 with 9 Homeruns after missing a decent amount of 2018 from a concussion.Domingo German after 2 years of struggling is the Yankee's ace.

Somewhere I have an article from 2017 or 2018 talking about how the  Yankees are aren't as much of an Evil Empire now. It had an example of a guy who was actually finding it hard to root against the Yankees ( except when they were playing his team). I'm not sure how y'all agree with that though. I bet  what Y'all probably are thinking is "Man! the Yankees have all these injuries and are still winning?! Ugh."

 But I'm a Yankees fan and so I'm happy.

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