Monday, April 22, 2019

A Spectacular TTM Success!- Carl Erskine

A couple of weeks ago it hit me how I liked the 1950s-1970s period, and the players from that era were going to die in not too long. I wasn't there for back then, but I've read about, heard about it from my Dad and Grandpa, and even watched a little of it. I decided to make my own baseball card for it ( I did this for Bobby Doerr in 2017). I decided to send my 1st one to Carl Erskine. I sent it 2 weeks ago and it came back today!
Not only did he sign my card, he also sent me another card, which he even inscribed "To John"!

I asked him what his favorite moment in baseball was, and he took the time to answer my question, and even signed that. Overall, he went way above what I asked for. It was a really encouraging start to my project. Every time I've done something like this ( 2 times in total), I've always been impressed with how nice they were.

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