Sunday, May 31, 2020

Online dime box

After all the coronavirus stuff kicked in, I had no idea when was the next time I would be able to go to a card show, which was a frightening thought. Already I missed digging through cards, especially dime boxes, and just being around people. There's still no date in sight for card shows returning, but at least I was able to take advantage of a dime box.

 How, you may ask? Or maybe you already know from blog posts by other baseball card bloggers. For a while now has had a sale reducing the prices of all their cards from 25 cents each to 10 cents, and believe me, I took advantage of it. I spent a good amount of time digging through the inventory, and emerged with a whopping 249 cards! That's about $10-15 more than I've ever spent at a real dime box, the reason for my affluence being a check from my grandparents.
The 3 stacks in the picture are my pile of Yankees, my pile of player collection cards, and my pile of random cards, which as you can see, got a little big. It will be hard for me to figure out where to start this post, but I'll have a try.
I always enjoy getting O-Pee-Chee cards, so I got a lot of Yankees and other players. It's rather ironic that for a lot of the OPC cards I don't have the Topps card yet.
These look like regular old Topps cards, but they're actually O-Pee-Chee. For some odd reason OPC cards in both 1990 and 1991 have the Topps logo on the front. Whenever you see what looks like a 1991 Topps card in this post, it's actually a OPC card.
I always enjoy getting cards of failed Yankee phenoms, like Kevin Maas, Ruben Rivera, and Brien Taylor here.
For the last two years of the brand's existence, they used designs different from Topps. These 4 are from the final set, 1994, and the Paul O'Neill card in the picture above is from 1993.
Going through the cards made me realize how much I've fallen behind in keeping current with collecting Yankees. Though 3 of the 4 players above played vital parts in the Yank's success in 2019, these were the 1st cards I've gotten of them. Part of the reason is that I made a decision to stop buying retail except on very rare occasions, and the other is that although I always mean to start trading cards, I never do. Hopefully I'll get to that sometime soon.
Same story as above. I did not particularly enjoy Neil Walker's stay in New York, and I doubt he did either. He hit .219, for which I dubbed him "The Hitless Wonder". Oh well.
These two were actually my 1st two 2020 Topps cards at all. The design is okay, the photos are good, and they still have full-career stats, so I can't complain.
I thought Renata Gallasso Glossy Greats were a steal at 10 cents, and I also enjoyed getting a couple of TCMA minor league cards.

To avoid the risk of going on forever, I'll end the post here, and a follow-up will appear in a few days. Generally when I say it takes a month for me to write the 2nd post, but as it's summer break and I'm sitting around the house anyway,you don't have to worry this time.


  1. That 1981 Fleer Billy Martin is awesome! i would have added that to my stack had I seen it. My goal is to one day find a certified autographed copy of that card for my PC.

  2. I'm waiting for my shipment. I wish I did a search for the Galasso cards, I didn't think of that. Also looks like you got some Topps Retired Signatures. I would've gone for those.