Sunday, January 10, 2021

My Comc cards came!

My Comc shipment came December 28th, so that was a pleasant surprise. I had anticipated waiting for months, which was not a pleasant thought. But a mini-miracle happened, so yay!

I had been buying cards from March onward, finally shipping them after Black Friday, so I ended up with a decent pile of cards. They were all vintage, as I love vintage cards. Which you can probably tell from reading my blog.

Since I got 80 cards, and want to show them all, I've decided that I'll break them up over 3 posts in total. This one will feature all the odd-balls, of which I got plenty.


With these four I'm now down to just Rusty Staub and Willie Mays to complete the 1969 Deckle Edge set. It's a very nice set, and quite cheap. Except for Rusty Staub, who for some reason is $3, which is more almost twice as much as I payed for Yaz. So if anyone has either Staub or Mays, I'm eager to trade for them.

To be honest, I was not very enthusiastic about receiving this quartet of OPC cards. My order of O-Pee-Chee cards off Sportlots had satisfied my O-Pee-Chee urge for a good long time, so these cards, acquired long before my Sportlots order, left me cold. I guess it's inevitable that when you get cards you bought a long time ago, some of them you don't care about anymore.
The backs are really the reason you get vintage OPC cards, so I thought I might as well show them.

I was very excited to get my first playing career Minnie Minoso for just 65 cents! It's a nice card too.
Wilmer Mizell is probably the only card that I really regret getting. It's not in very good shape, and it's not from a set I care too much about. But his nickname was "Vinegar Bend", so I guess it could be worse.

But I don't regret for a second getting that Gene Conley. A fun fact about him, which you might know: He is the only player ever to play for three different Boston pro teams: The Braves, the Red Sox, and the Celtics. He won one championship for the Braves, and three with the Celtics. 

I really couldn't resist this 1969 Milton Bradley Horace Clarke. Horace is an important figure in Yankee history, as he has a whole era named after him, but it's his awesome specs that sealed the deal. He often wore glasses in other cards, but I don't know of any others that feature him with sunglasses, which is too bad.
Actually, the Steve Barber on the right is another one I regret getting. I got it because I thought it featured him as a Yankee, but the TCDB lists him as being a Pilot. So whatever. 47 cents down the drain.
Guidry would probably be a hall of famer if his career was just a couple of years longer. His record, 170-91, is sensational, but 170 wins is too low to get considered. If his career started a little earlier, if his first year as a regular was at 23 instead of 26, I think he would be a no-doubt hall of famer. As it is, he has an okay case.

So that's it for the "odd-balls." My next post will probably be about the 1959 Topps cards I got. Thanks for reading, and have a good day. (or night if you read it tonight.)


  1. Interesting fact about Conley. I'll have to ask my Boston buddy if knew that piece of trivia.

  2. In the future, you could put some of your no longer wanted cards back up for sale, I do it a couple of times a year, and usually have good results.

  3. A great assortment there! I'm partial to the Post Minoso -- I still don't know why his cards are so cheap, but I'm not complaining. My COMC order arrived yesterday, and it was definitely worth the wait. Kind of a surprise too, since it wasn't scheduled to ship out until February.

  4. Congratulations on your shipment. Yes, I will feature Minoso on

  5. I just put in a COMC order last week for the first time since the pandemic started. Glad to hear it only took a couple months to ship. My order said something about May with the standard shipping rate...and I ordered a couple Photostamps too!