Sunday, February 24, 2019

100-Pack #2.

I can barely believe that it's been over 2 weeks since I've done a real post. At least I have some excuses. For the past week or two I've been organizing my collection,and over the past few days I've been working on getting some cards I want to sell ready. Still, I could of definitely posted sooner. Sorry about that.Anyway, today I'm finally posting about my 2nd 100-pack ( weeks after getting it). I liked the 1st one a lot but the 2nd was a lot better.
 This was the 1st card. I thinks it's some kind of negative refractor or something.The next 4 cards, strangely enough, were all Jack Morris and 2 of them were duplicates.
 A new one to the ol' Jose Altuve collection! It looks like a regular 2018 topps card, but it's actually an AL team set card, whatever that is.

 Well, a lot of 1985 Donruss is better than a lot of 1987 Donruss, which is what I got in the 1st pack.
I kind of like early Fleer for various reasons.

I rather like Sportflics cards. They look and feel cool ( and they make a weird noise when you scratch them)

2 new cards to the 1993 UD set build!
Really, though, the real reason I liked this one was because of the all the '90s stuff! I rather like the 10-year period of 1996-2005.
Topps Finest cards feel and look cool.
This was my 1st  1995 Topps Stadium Club card. I've always kind of wanted one of the newer ones but I've never gotten one.
Upper Deck is one of my favorite brands. In it's 20 year career it really packed a punch.
OK, so it's actually 2006, but it's a 1990s design, right?
One thing that really distinguished this repack from the other was that the packs were as different as night and day. Last time, I only needed the insert and the parallel and this time I needed them all!
That Kiermaer is definitely a nice card.
Wow, Betts and Machado, also known as the new Padre.
And then the insert. Not bad at all I think. If my Walgreens keeps carrying them I might get my Mom to let me get some more.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Stratomatic: 1920 Midwest League.

A while ago, 5 days ago to be exact, I decided to start a new stratomatic league. I thought it would be fun to pretend that is in 1920. Here are a list of the teams, and their owners, managers, and stadiums:
Team name                      owner                   manager              park
Des Moines Pioneers Stephen Lefebvre Mike Reed         Union Park
Kansas City Miners  Lary Stoddard       Roy Henderson C. Bennett Park
Tulsa Patriots          Michael Kemp       Bill Almon          Tulsa Stadium
Dallas Cowboys     Thomas Sutter        Robert Brown    Wiggins Field
Albuquerque Buccaneers Douglas Winters Dick James  Blue Sky Field
Oklahoma City Sherrifs  Daniel Martin Johnny Forster  Grant Stadium
Fort Worth Oilers   David Beard         Alvin Webster     A. Pinder Park
Wichita Mustangs  Mark Mason       Vance Cowens     Mustang Stadium

 I had a lot of trouble with the stadium names. Anyhow, what I'm doing is that I'm using real world stratomatic cards but I'm changing their names so it's completely new. There's not a ton of homeruns so it's a little more of a pitchers league. I've played 3 games so far between Wichita and Des Moines but I haven't done any others yet. Here is a brief account of each:

Game 1 Wichita 3 Des Moines 2
Wichita was up 3-0 until the bottom of the the 9th inning when Marius Shocker, Des Moines' Center Fielder, hit a double off Ken Williams. The next hitter grounded out but the one after that, Frank Shorten, the #5 hitter, hit a 2-run homer. After that, a out was made but Frank Murphy walked and then a pinch-hitter was inserted for Ray Vangilder, the Catcher, who struck out.
MVP: Frank Shorten, Des Moines, 1b, #5 hitter. 2-4 HR  2  RBI
W: Ken Williams 9 IP 6K 2R 9H 2BB
L: Johnny Crosetti 8IP 5K 3R 8H 4BB

Game 2 Des Moines 4 Wichita 2
Not as exciting as the 1st game.Wichita took a 1st inning lead of 1-0, but Des Moines scored a run in both the 2nd and 3rd innings and never looked back.
MVP: Frank Shorten, Des Moines, 1b, #5 hitter. 3-4 2 2B RBI 2 R
W: Atley Bonham 9IP 3K 2R 7H 2BB
L: Jack Moore 7.1IP 10K 4R 8H 2BB

Game 3 Des Moines 2 Wichita 1
Des Moines took a 1 run lead in the 2nd with a walk, single, and then a double by #8 hitter Joe Storm, Catcher. No one scored until the 8th when Wichita scored the tying run completely on singles!However, in the 9th, Frank Shorten, the 1st baseman, hit a double, and then the next hitter, Bill Wright, the 3rd baseman, hit a walkoff double!
MVP: Wally Davis, Wichita, SS, #1 hitter. 2-3 2b R E 2 SB
W: Marv Ruffing 1IP 2K 0R 0H 1BB
L:Steve Vuckovich 8.1IP 5K 2R 7H 2BB

Overall, I've been having a lot of fun with this. If you want to know, Chris Shorten was 1978 Tony Perez.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Song of the Week #7

This is just one really great song.This is a day late but, oh well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Q: Can you eat a baseball card?

A: Yes, though it is generally not recommended. You can really only eat pre-1992 Topps cards.The other brands do not really have the some kind of cardboard as Topps and I don't think they would work as well. As you can see, I've never actually eaten a whole baseball card, though I probably could. I guess I would,if I was really hungry, but I've just done it for fun.The good thing is that if I'm ever starving, I have a nice collection of 1980s Topps cards.

Friday, February 8, 2019

100- packs are back to Texas!

When I walked into Walgreen's last Monday I hoped I would find a 100-pack of baseball cards but I didn't expect it. Yet there they where for  the  1st time in who knows how long.At the time I hadn't seen a 100-pack of baseball cards for about a year. I got my Mom to buy 2 of the 3 because my Dad owed me a couple from baseball. I had to clean up my room some to get the 1st one though.That up there is the 1 that was on the front.Kind hard to believe that he hit .219 with 6 homeruns in 2015.
It turned out to be a bit of a Edgar Martinez hot-pack.
I got 2 more Yankees but they were duplicates unfortunately.
Another card for my 1993 Ted Williams set build! That's one thing I love about 100-packs. They're so random!
Some horizontal stuff! I semi-collect cards that show the Met's homerun apple train thing.

I really love these 1995 virtual reality cards.
I think I might collect the early 1980s Fleer sets. There so kind of hole-in-the-wall.
Gordon Beckham hit .182 in 2018.
Stadium Club! That Bryan Harvey was only my 3rd 1991 Topps Stadium Club card.1995 is a nice set.
At first I thought that Steve Cishek was Pat Neshek.
I really, really, love cards with players japanese statistics. That's a interesting factoid: " Orestes can conduct interviews in English, Spanish, or Japanese."
Those 2 2017 Topps Opening Day cards were the only keepers in the whole pack.
Who knows, maybe Yoan Moncada will strike out less than 200 times in 2019.Risky proposition.
It's kind of annoying how they have team set cards. It's kind of confusing.

And some nice early 1980s cards to wrap this up. Overall, it lived up to expectations.I had a lot of fun opening it looking through the cards.
Yesterday I was saddened to hear of Frank Robinson's passing. He was an all-time great.
Goodnight, Frank Robinson, wherever you are. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Song of the Week #6.

Man, that's a cool cover,though rather strange. Unfortunately I've been slacking on posts lately, but I'm pretty sure I'll get a post out tomorrow. Side-note: My sister has a music blog called Sarah's Great Music. I won't vouch for it all but my sister has pretty good music taste. I guess it runs in  the family.
Check it out sometime. It's at

Friday, February 1, 2019

The cards in my cupboard.

A week or two ago I was looking in a cupboard for cards and I found a partially filled box of cards. Generally I skip it over because there were only about 100 cards and it didn't look interesting but this time I took a look and was well rewarded. I found about 25 1994 Topps archives cards including 2 gold parallels. The White Sox card on the far right features a nice pitcher-at-the-plate picture  too.
I love the reactions of the fans on the 1993 UD card.
It's kind of strange that Carlos Delgado is shown as a catcher when he's listed as a DH  though he was a catcher for a while.I always love knuckleballers plus I don't have many cards of Tim Wakefield as a Pirate.
A glimpse of what happens in the clubhouse, a really mutilated card, a card of a former 24-game loser when he was a manager, and a card of "The Hitless Wonder" who is thankfully no longer a Yankee.
A quartet of closers!
Just random stuff. A nice double play card of the current Red sox manager and Josias Manzillo ( now THAT'S a name) signing for somebody with his hat backwards.

Some minor league cards of nobody in particular.
There were even soccer cards in there!
Now, what I've shown so far has been nice stuff but basically what you'd find in your average 100-pack.But there was also vintage! You really never know what you'r going to find! Maybe I'll even find my 1971 Topps Gaylord Perry card someday.