Monday, August 19, 2019

An amazing Stratomatic world series.

Hello! I know it's been way, way too long since I last posted. Around a month ago to be exact. However, right now I am a couple posts behind, which I think will motivate me. For now though , I can't see the pictures in my baseball card photo files, just the name of the file, which is generally something like "24", or something like that, so I'll have to catch up sometime soon.

      So for today I'm going to tell about a Stratomatic best-of-7 World Series that I did a while ago. It was very close, and I think the best best-of-7 series I've had in my 1 and a half years of Stratomatic.

  It was the 1909 Tigers against the 1909 Pirates. The Pirates were home 1st, and won the 1st 2 games.   Both games  went into extra innings , the Pirates walking off in the bottom of the 10th both times. The pirates also won their 3rd game at home 2-1. Though the Pirates had won all three games, they were all decided by one run.
      A day off, and  the series was now in Detroit. Now, if my memory serves me correctly, only one time in baseball playoff history has a team come back from 3 games to none and win the series. Those were the odds that the Tigers faced. However, they then proceeded to win the next three, forcing a game seven.

          In Pittsburgh for the 7th game, after a day off, the crowd overflowed the seats, so they roped off a  bit of the outfield for standing room ( OK, so that's just my imagination, but that would actually happen back then). If the Tigers won, they would have done the virtually unimaginable by coming back from 3 games to none. I think it's interesting to note that, so far in the series, the home team had never lost. Finally the game started. It was a nail biter. The score was tied 1-1 for 12 innings, when something happened.
      So far I've tried to pretend that this was an actual World Series, but I'll have to say what happened with me in Stratomatic now. The Pirates catcher, George Gibson was injured in the 6th inning, and so I absentmindedly replaced him with the Tigers back up  catcher Boss Schmidt, when I should have replaced him with the Pirate's Mike Simon. I played with Boss Schmidt until the 12th inning, when Boss hit a walk-off single with 2 outs. Or so I thought. As I looked at the card, I finally noticed that it was the wrong card.
        The 1-4 I rolled which had been a single on Boss' card, when replaced by with the right card, turned into an out. As their had been 2 outs, the game went on.

     And then in the 15th the Pirate's Fred Clarke hit a 3-run homer to win the series.
  I think it was a little like one of those old Greek stories where a person is told something by a fortune teller, and even though they try their hardest, it happens. I guess it might have been cooler if the Tigers won it, but it was amazing enough as it was.

   Though I might have been a little incoherent at times, I really tried to write this well. Anyway, thanks for reading!