Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Baseball Card Box- Part 2- The Old Timers

What happened with the last post was that my Dad posted it because he didn't want it to get lost, so I wasn't able to post all the cards or at least an ending. So here it is. Just try to pretend that this is the same post and I'm continuing it.
It's kind of sad that I got 4 Frank Robinson cards not too long after he died.The card on the top right is the 1st I have of him with the Indians.
Really, they should have called it the Walter Johnson award, though it wouldn't have sounded as good. They could have just called  it the Big Train award though.
Ty Cobb looks like he's performing some fantastic and complicated dance.
You don't see too many cards of Rube Foster.I'm pretty sure that this is my 1st baseball card that shows a guy with that kind of hat.
A pretty impressive duo.

And there he is again!It's pretty cool how they have the 4 little pictures of him sliding, and then another picture of him sliding for the background.
This looks like a pretty cool set. Nice Allie Reynolds card.
I was recently reading a book by Earl Weaver about managing. I, strangely enough, found the book in my church's $1 used books box. 
I really like it when there is a set that has a nice, clean design, with older players in it.
Hey! More of sets featuring older players with a nice, clean, design!
Man, that is one really creepy card.That went downhill pretty quickly.
I think that this is pretty cool. However, there are some strange things about it. The back of the card says that he never had an at-bat, but he obviously had to have gone to the plate. There wasn't a DH rule or anything like that.Plus Baseball Reference says that he made 101 at-bats that year.
I haven't posted any music for a while so here is something:
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Monday, March 18, 2019

The baseball card box: Part One- The "Old-timers"!

Last Thursday, my Grandma and Grandpa came down from New York to visit us. That's always a great thing, but they were also bringing baseball cards with them!They were from somebody my Aunt Martha knew who collected baseball cards, and when he heard that I was a collector, gave them to my Aunt Martha for me. However, my Aunt Martha wasn't sure how to mail them, so she just gave them to my Grandparents to bring with them. They were definitely worth the wait.When this was the 1st card in the box I saw ( there was also a rather uneventful binder), I knew it was going to be good.

I really liked these refractor thingies. They look really cool.This one was numbered /1961.

These 2 were numbered to /1967 and /1955 respectively.
Mickey Mantle himself!
The box was a regular 800-count box, mostly 1996-2005, which happens to be one of my favorite periods.There were a lot of old-timers, and also a lot of random stuff.
The cards in there were really good, as you can probably tell. These 2 were my 1st American Pie cards, and there kinda cool.
There were a lot of the Topps Archives cards,and the Fan Favorites cards.For some reason, when ever I see the picture of Don Larsen hat less, I feel like he was a Indian.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Boromir hit for the natural cycle!

Day before yesterday I was playing Stratomatic. The two teams were the LOR/Hobbit team and the Comic Strip Characters team and the game went 13 innings. It wasn't ended until Boromir hit a 2-run walk off homer, that also concluded his natural cycle. Here is a little box score for him:
1  2  3  4  5  6 7  8  9  10 11 12 13
   BB   1B   O*      2B     3B      HR
Only 14 players have made a natural cycle, so I think it's pretty cool that I got one in Stratomatic after just about 75-100 games. I'm also  pretty sure that this is the 1st time that  a LOR character hit for the natural cycle. Boromir wasn't the only highlight though, Fili pitched 4 perfect innings in relief, combining with Aragorn for 5 hits and 2 walks for the whole game. It was 1-0 until Tintin hit a RBI double in the 8th, scoring Jose Peterson. Overall it was a very eventful game.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Going to a card shop.

Today on the way to a play date, I noticed a small card shop, and convinced my Mom to take me on the way back.There was a closed sign on the door, so we were about to leave when my Mom suggested that I look back in, just to see if it looked worthwhile for an other time.That time I noticed somebody in there. When the person saw me, she flipped  the closed sign over to the open side. At 1st, there wasn't much, but then I saw a small vintage $1 box.The cards were exclusively 1959-1969, and generally in pretty good shape. I got 4 cards, and they were all definitely worth it.
Note on the pictures: I took most of them at an angle, so they're crooked. I hope I don't do that next time.
Tom Sturdivant was pretty good for a while at least, plus he was a Yankee. so I added him to the cart.
My Dad actually has this card, but it's in really rough condition, so it was definitely worth it.The final card:
I was originally going to get a 1961 Topps Luis Arroyo, but I'm very glad I saw this before I packed up. Getting this card was really cool. He's a Hall of Famer, plus it's his 3rd or 4th year card, and I like the 1963 design.Overall, it was a very nice experience. The people were nice and the cards I get were very affordable.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

What you get for washing the car

Today I washed the car,for which I got the 5 cards I'll show in this post. As you can probably already see, it payed off. Side note: I wonder if Topps would have been sued  for jinxing it if something had happened to Hank Aaron, so he couldn't have broken the home run record
All the cards I got were from my Dad's duplicates.
I don't think there are a ton of cards with Sudden Sam as a Yankee.He just played 2 years, plus he won just 6 games against 14 losses.
So far there have been 2 Hall of Famers and 2 Yankees.Which will the last card be? ( cue dramatic music)
It's a Hall of Famer! ( Not that it really mattered)Man, I just love getting Yogi Berra cards. though I prefer him with the Yankees.Anyway, that's all for tonight.
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

A rainy Saturday at the LCS.

I'm getting rather slack about posting. The reason is not that I'm slacking off from the hobby, it's just that I don't get cards very often and when I spend time with my cards which is extremely often, I mostly do other stuff. Still, I do need to post more. Next week is my spring break so I'll probably be able to catch up. Anyway, the cards:

 Last Saturday, I asked my Dad if we could go to the LCS. However, it wasn't very likely because my Dad had a cold, plus I had baseball practice in 40 degree weather. However, we did go and I was definitely rewarded.
The shop itself, Nick's,  had moved a couple stores down to a new location, which was a lot bigger and nicer. In the back they had a room called the fan lounge, I think, with couches and a couple TVs and stuff. There was also a table, with a lot of cards on it that looked like they were being sorted, and I decided to ask for the price. I wasn't really getting my hopes up.I just thought they'd go in the 50 cent boxes.
However, he said that you could fill up a little bag for $6! He helped me get the cards in and was pretty nice.Most of the cards were 2015/2016 Donruss, but there was also a lot of good stuff, as you can see.
A trio of old timers! For some reason I like getting cards of pre-1980 players.I kind of like 2014 classics.It has a clean design and a healthy dose of oldies.

That Randy Johnson card was I think something like the 3rd card in the whole thing.
Wow, normally when you get a couple hundred of 21st century cards for $6 you don't expect to get cards numbered to 199.
Interesting, very interesting.
I've collected Bob Feller since I discovered we share the same birthday.I found that out not long after the 100th anniversary of his birth.
There were some players that I got a lot of cards of.
That's a lot of ugliness. The Matt Kemp card isn't very ugly at all, it's just rather weird. But outside of that, it's just full fledged ugliness.
Just a little random.
Kind of funny that I got this card right after he signed.
I got 27 new 2015 Topps Spring Fever cards, which was nice, but I also got 56 duplicates.
By the way, I'm selling some of my duplicates, so here are my listings.

Here are my 2 listings for the 2015/2016 Donruss cards. They are lots of 8 cards, and they are all good current players or very good retired players.                                                                                          here it is
                       same                                                                                                                                                      Bryce Harper!                                                    

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