Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Going to a card shop.

Today on the way to a play date, I noticed a small card shop, and convinced my Mom to take me on the way back.There was a closed sign on the door, so we were about to leave when my Mom suggested that I look back in, just to see if it looked worthwhile for an other time.That time I noticed somebody in there. When the person saw me, she flipped  the closed sign over to the open side. At 1st, there wasn't much, but then I saw a small vintage $1 box.The cards were exclusively 1959-1969, and generally in pretty good shape. I got 4 cards, and they were all definitely worth it.
Note on the pictures: I took most of them at an angle, so they're crooked. I hope I don't do that next time.
Tom Sturdivant was pretty good for a while at least, plus he was a Yankee. so I added him to the cart.
My Dad actually has this card, but it's in really rough condition, so it was definitely worth it.The final card:
I was originally going to get a 1961 Topps Luis Arroyo, but I'm very glad I saw this before I packed up. Getting this card was really cool. He's a Hall of Famer, plus it's his 3rd or 4th year card, and I like the 1963 design.Overall, it was a very nice experience. The people were nice and the cards I get were very affordable.

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