Sunday, January 6, 2019

I had a dream.

Last  night I had a dream. I don't generally just share dreams on my blog, but this was pretty cool and more importantly was about baseball. I was doing a Yankee baseball thing. I can't remember what it was. I think it was some sort of simulation game. Anyway, I think I was playing for the Yankees and I think that I made the winning catch or something. I also remember that the Yankees won 116 games and for some reason it was in a 154 game season. I actually think it was 116-36. It actually turns out it was a dream-in-a-dream! So then in my dream I woke up and I thought wow, that was a cool dream. I think but I'm not sure, that I thought of posting it then. And then in my dream I looked up the Yankees actual record and it was 89-65. And I actually had ANOTHER dream about baseball cards where I was opening some presents and I got some nice 1959 Topps cards for some reason and some torn out pages from The Great American Flipping, Trading, and Bubblegum Book. Not so great as the 1st one but still pretty cool.

NOTES: John actually posted 3 times in one day???!!!!!??? Lethargic John???!!! Gasp! Hysterical women are lead to the exits! Utter pandemonium ensues! 

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  1. The Great American Flipping, Trading, and Bubblegum Book is a great book! Never would have discovered it without the help of card bloggers who wrote about it.