Sunday, January 6, 2019

MILB Player of the Week: Bob Crues.

In 1961, for the Twins D- team Tony Oliva drove in 81 runs in 64 games. That's a ton. Let's pretend  now that that year he was playing in the PCL back when they played 200 games. Now, you'd often play 210 games in the PCL because of ties and stuff, but whatever. It doesn't matter. The team Tony played for played 68 games so let's multiply everything times 3 and that's basically a PCL season. Let's see the results:
AVG   HR  RBI   H    AB   2B 3B G       R
.410     30  243   306 747     45  18 192  165.
And he would STILL not hold the single-season pro record for RBIs! The record would still go to Bob Crues. What could this Bob Crues guy have done to hold this record? you are probably asking. Let's see:
.404   69   254  228  565    38   3  140   N/A 
Actually BR doesn't list how many runs he drove in- I actually got that number from the 1987 Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract. Ol' Bill is a reliable source so I'm stating that as the gospel truth. Now, the league Bob Crues was in scored a TON of runs. But however you look at it that's one insane season.  

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