Thursday, January 3, 2019


Strat-O-Mat-Ic is a tabletop baseball game. Its really fun and pretty accurate. Its also pretty quick-about half-an-hour. Anyway, last Christmas my Uncle Charlie wanted to give me his old Stratomatic cards but he couldn't find them. However, he did get me a nice lot of Ebay of the 1985 game and some oldtimer teams, which, if I remember correctly, are from 1973 or something. However, this year he apparently found his cards because I found about a half-dozen envelopes with Stratomatic stuff in them. I got the 1978 game, about 6 1989 teams, and a few 1994 teams. I got the1922 Browns too. I even got some totally random cards like 6 1968 cards that I think are originals( 5 pitchers with a ERA of 2.12 or lower and Willie McCovey) plus a 1961 Johnny Blanchard and 1950 Hank Bauer. I also got the 1941 Yankees and the 1954 Giants though Joe DiMaggio and Willie Mays are missing. Also the 1978 Yankees are missing Ron Guidry while ten 1909 Tigers are missing Ty Cobb, so if any of ya'll have any of those then good things shall come your way ( though if you do have some you should make sure that I have what you want).

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  1. I'll have to check. I played Strat for many, many years and have a ton of stuff but most of it is in storage.